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Ability to commit cloud code changes to source control

As far as I can tell from the docs, it looks like we can edit our cloud code off of gamesparks and then import changes into gamesparks.  It would be super nice if we could edit our cloud code on the gamesparks platform as "usual" and then commit the changes directly instead of having to download the zip and check it in ourselves which reduces how often you do it (and thus reduces some of the safety provided by source control). I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to do on the gamesparks side, or alternatively we'd have to write a custom script to take the zip and commit it via command line after download.

Not a huge feature, but a nice to have.

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Hi Curt,

Thanks for logging this request. We'll look into this one for you.



That would be a terrific improvement to day to day work !

I would love to see this feature implemented as well. 

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