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Why is "Skill" passed via the FindMatchRequest?

Hey there,

I'm currently setting up MatchMaking for a UE4 Game. I saw that the "FindMatchRequest" Node has a "Skill" input.
I assume that value is used in the Match Threshold stuff. Why is this on the Client?
I would assume, since the User is known (authenticated), the GameSparks MatchMaking pulls the number from the PlayerData, as well as that I can update the Data via Server when a game is won/lost.

I had this in mind similar to Overwatch, where you gain or loose Ranked Points and you are matched based on them.
Letting the Client pass the Number is just not a thing.

Manual matching the Players also results in this SKILL number being used.
How can I get MatchMaking to use a value that a Client can't access?


Okay I assume I can get my own Variable going for that by overriding the original FindMatchRequest.

Yeah, I had the same thoughts and was pretty annoyed that you can't easily 'override' the skill value passed into the Request. You have to make a separate internal CC call to pass in the right value.


Yeah, I ended up doing it like this:

Created a new event called "findMatch".

Add this code for it:

//Get MatchShortCode

var MatchShortCode = Spark.getData().matchShortCode;

// Create new MatchRequest

var MatchRequest = new SparkRequests.MatchmakingRequest();

// Fill in ShortCode and Skill

MatchRequest.matchShortCode = MatchShortCode;

MatchRequest.skill = Spark.getPlayer().getScriptData("rank");

// Send the Request


The "rank" script data is a value a add to a Player's script data when they register.
And I later modify that for the actual skill.

Hi Guys,

The FindMatchRequest has been deprecated and has been replaced with the MatchMakingRequest. The skill value could be a value from a collection or one that is stored on the player in scriptData.



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