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This is my request from logs.


  "displayName":"Original Alias",








And this one what we get



  "error":{  "signature":"NOTAUTHENTICATED"  }, 




I generated(salt, signature etc) all information useing several different plugins for unity. And always got signature":"NOTAUTHENTICATED". What I do wrong ?

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 Hey Alexey,

Its hard to determine whats wrong but i'd expect that something is wrong with the setup you have  on itunes connect.
The gamecenter part of your app on itunes connect needs something in there in order for GameCenter to work properly.
I usually just add a leaderboard or something simple like that.

We are also integrating GameCenter into the SDK in the next release in a couple of weeks, so you wont need to pass those values in manually anymore


Hi, All!

I dont hope this is actual for Alexey after several months :)

But, maybe help someone.

1) Look at the screenshot and check your bundleID. It must be the same with your game bundleID.

2) In Apple Developers for your provisioning profile (with the same bundleID of course) must be enable GameKit service.


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