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Sending custom messages to offline players

I've been using GameSparks for awhile and have been loving it, but I need some help with player messaging and uploaded files so I have a few questions. I recently made it so a player can upload a .txt file around 500 bytes and retrieve it back with a code using the GetUploadUrlRequest() and GetUploadedRequest() functions. That part is working fine and I can retrieve the file from the servers using the upload ID. Where I'm stuck is sending that upload ID over to another player so they can get it on their end if they are online, or backlog it so that when they authenticate next it shows it to them. I'll handle the message showing on my game end, I just need the data.

I found a related thread here, but some of it is vague and I don't understand where in cloud code to be adding some of it:

So in short, what is the best way to be sending a large string between users and set up a listener to receive them when they are online? As a side note, my game is set up on WebGL on Facebook, so I'm not doing any mobile push notification work yet, just simply grabbing some string data. I'm new to using cloud code, so any information on this whole pipeline of setting up a message and sending it would be welcome.

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