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Amazon GameLift support to Cloud Code


Let's make a short explanation for GameLift, It's just like Gamesparks Real-Time but more customizable like uploading your dedicated server build to the platform. Engines like Unreal have a functionality to make a dedicated server from the engine. Of course, you need to code too but its huge advantages like replication and blueprints. 

So, in summary, it lets you use your own server code for session based multiplayer. (or let's say match based) So for users that need to use this could benefit this feature. Without this feature, we will need an extra server to handle this and it will be complicated.

Wihtout this feature: Client -> Gamesparks -> MiddleServer -> GameLift -> MiddleServer -> Client

With this feature: Client-> Gamesparks -> GameLift



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Hi Sarp,

Gamelift is something we are currently looking into.When we have an update in relation to this feature we'll update you here.



+1 support for this.  I've been playing around with GameLift, and the ability to just spin up servers is really useful.  It would be nice if I was able to just activate sessions when a match is found in GameSparks.  

+1 for this. I too might need this feature since I am trying to use GameLift with Unreal Engine, but I'm having some issues currently with it. ANYWAYS! it would be nice to have GameSparks work with GameLift for easy session creation and joining after matchmaking.

Hi guys! Any news about GameLift Integration (with UE4 Dedicated) or best practice for that?

What about matchmaking in that case etc.

Just want to add my 2cents here - GameSparks + GameLift integration built in by default would be AMAZINGLY valuable!

+1 on this!

Adding AWS SDK support for cloud code or at last letting you upload the aws skd java script thing would be really nice to have.


Now that GameSparks is officialy part of Amazon, are there any more concrete plans of integrating GameLift and/or AWS SDK into Gamesparks ?

Hey everyone,

I've created a repository on GitHub on how to integrate GameLift with GameSparks:

Note that this is an unofficial solution while we don't have anything from Amazon. Any questions, please, let me know.

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