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Gamesparks seems to be very slow (portal1 and portal2 performance)

For your information, GameSparks is getting very slow during the last few days (from 19/4  to as of today, 21/4)

Portal and Portal2 response is very slow: from 30 secs to 1.5 minutes for just saving a cloud code snippet. Standard feature panel opening (e.g. leaderboards, etc) are slow too.

Server response from client seems to be slowed down as well.

Could you please indicate an ETA when this would get back to normal?

Thanks in advance, 
Laszlo Molnar

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Hi Laszlo,

Apologies for the delayed response How has the performance been since ? Portal 1 has been deprecated so you should only be using Portal2 now. We've had no issues reported via our status page. It could have just been a local issue. Happy to look into this further if its still effecting you.



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