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How to provide matched players with outside DedicatedServer IP?

Hey there,

I'm currently going through your Documentation and read through the Matchmaking process.
While I want the players to be able to start a matchmaking request etc., I do not want to use the real-time part of GameSparks, as UE4 already serves me good here.

For the actual game, the players should press on a button in the main menu to start matchmaking.
The example would be 5vs5. I thought about using the manual matchmaking, as I want to make sure that a connecting player is marked for red or blue team. Means when 10 players are found, I would want to have GameSparks to run another "script" that checks the best combination of players to make the game totally "balanced". This should also keep party members in mind. I already read another post about creating parties, so that's fine for now.

One problem, and that's what this thread here mostly is about, is my understand about how to properly push the Player the DedicatedServer data. The Servers are meant to be hosted on Amazons GameLift. I assume GameSparks does not feature any "Server on demand" solution, does it?

So what I need to know is:

When 10 players are found, can I somehow react to it here in GameSparks to tell Amazon to start a new Server (or at least give me an IP of a Server) and then pass that Server IP to the players that are waiting for the match to start?

If not, what would be the ideal way of handling this? I simply want to let the players get matched by their skill and then the Amazon GameLift thing should pass an IP that GameSparks forwards to the players. They then join the Dedicated Server and from there on, other things happen (not yet planned).

Thanks for your time!

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 If you can expose the data from GameLift, I suppose you could do a SparkHttp Request

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Hey, thanks for the fast reply.
Is there any entry point for me to send the Request?
I assume I want to do this when the Match is full (aka successful?). I'm still a bit confused by the way GameSparks names specific things.
An event like "OnMatchFull" inside of the GameSparks cloud would be useful. For now I only found messages going to the players, but nothing that the GameSparks actually gets to be used.

If you are manually matching, you can submit a LogEventRequest, otherwise you can do it in OnMatchFoundMessage under Global Messages


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