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send mails with Elasticmails

 Hi there,

Gamesparks offers easy mailsending with SendGrid, but personally i don't like it they don't offer a free plan, besides the 30 days trial.

This forces you to start paying for a 3th party service while sometimes early in development.

I found a good,cheaper solution from Elastic Mails, which offer a free tier or 150.000 mails monthly.

There is no direct implementation but i figured out how to use it through cloudcode, based on a similar post here on the forum using Mailgun.

Here is the cloudcode::

var apikey ="0000000000000000000"; // replace with your Elasticmail api key
var mailTo = ""; // replace with email adres to send to
var fromName = "John Doe"; // Your name
var fromEmail = "" ;// your email adres
var subject = "This is my first email"; // subject
var bodyHtml = "blabla"; // the body of the mail, in html

// now we get all data and send the email !
var params = {
  "bodyHtml": bodyHtml

var httpSender = Spark.getHttp("");
var response = httpSender.postForm(params);

I'm not affiliated with Elastic Mail whatsoever and to be honest, i just recently joined their service so i can't tell how reliable they are yet.

Their customer support is really swift and replies sometimes in minutes, so that's good points.

On the other hand they were little to no help implementing their service into Gamesparks.

If you are interested in joining Elastic Mail consider using my referal code using this link: Elastic Mail

PS: i also managed to get their system working from withing Unity using C# - let me know if anyone needs this

Hi Ward,

Many thanks for posting this. I'm sure some of our users will find this useful.



I hope so ;)


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I don't think Elastic Email has a free tier anymore.  Just an FYI for anyone looking at this.

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