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automatically treatment players once a month

I want to treatment players once a month.
Specifically, it is to delete automatically the specific achievement that players have.

There are two ways I think of this,
(1.use equipped Cloud Code "System > Every Day", but Bulk job is not able to set there
(2.use Bulk job as it is, but I do not know how to automatically set monthly schedule

The best way in this case, make runtimeCollection of playersID previously and use it in (1?
Is there any other simple good way?
There seems to be a method of extracting some players having a specific achievement, but I do not know it.

I was actually able to use submitJobModule in the Every Day, Hour, and Minute scripts. I disabled them after reading this but my bulk jobs went through while only erroring like 5/1440 times.

Hi Myouji,

There's a third option here I'd like to propose.

In your Authentication Cloud Code, I would do a Date check to see if 30 days have passed for this player (There would be a Date saved on the player like "last treated"). If 30 days have passed, and that player has this achievement, then clear the achievement, and update the "last treated" data on the player account. This turns the task into a per-authentication basis. The player will not be able to authenticate with the Achievement still active in this scenario.

Does this seem like an appropriate solution?


Thank you Pádraig.

When I set up triggers for individual players, I had two little problems.

First, if a player is not login for more than one month and he has the Achievement, he keeps catching on the search by the Achievement. And, it is necessary to check during the game for a player who keeps logging in across different month.

These can be solved, but a little troublesome.

So I will like to treatment players at once.


But I have confident by you.

I could not find an article in this case, so I did not know  what is the best way.

Thank you.


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