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Unity SDK Errors are being reported as warnings

Serious errors caught at runtime (for example: GS: SystemNullReferenceException...)  are being reported as warnings and the Unity editor continues as if nothing has happened. This has two major issues:

1) If your debug build setting in the SDK configuration is unchecked, you are left scratching your head why the editor is completely silent as if nothing has happened and there is nothing in the console.

2) Even if your debug build setting is checked, since the error is treated as a warning, it is virtually invisible in the editor log.

This has wasted a lot of development time on our end. Please treat errors as errors within the Unity editor. The SDK needs to throw an error when it occurs and not only log into the console like a warning.

HI Faraz,

Can you let us know what version of the SDK you are running ? Also if you could let us know what version of the Unity Editor you are using that would be great. We'll look into this for you some more.



Unity 5.6.0f3 and the SDK V is

FYI, these errors are being reported as regular logs. Not even warnings.

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