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Import js scripts for real-time modules


I want to import some js scripts to my cloud code, and they should be in real-time modules folder so that I can use them in real-time scripts.

However, after adding all the scripts to a Zip archive, then using the import button on cloud code page to import the Zip, an "Invalid Error" is shown on all the scripts which are in the Zip Archive, even though the scripts names are valid.

Also on this page, it's written that "Invalid Error" is shown if the script is trying to create a new object such as a new Event, but the scripts don't create any events.

I have another question please: If I send vector3 in a packet to the server(real-time script), is it represented as a floatArray? And If I send float array back to clients, will it return to vector3 on the client side?


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Can you please help me with this issue ?

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