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Platform Release 2017-04-11

Hi Everyone,

We've been hard at work addressing bugs for this release of the platform and the availability of Nintendo integration is the highlight - here's a breakdown of what's in the release:

Bug --- An issue was addressed that blocked adding Running Total Collectors which used the same Event/Attribute but with different Filter Types. 14327

Bug --- Imported Admin screens now display directly after import without the need for a page refresh. 14275

Bug --- A new SparkScriptOption has been added for ensuring any dates passed into your Cloud Code scripts will be translated into JavaScript date objects. 14143

Feature --- The NXConnectRequest has been added to support Nintendo authentication with the platform. 14119

Bug --- A missing error code has been added to the MatchmakingRequest page. 14145

Bug --- REST API: A discrepancy in properties returned for credentials has been resolved. 14111

Bug --- An issue has been fixed that could result in missing Snippets when previewing Leaderboard Screens. 13789

Bug --- A bug has been fixed where single character object keys were missing from the API Stream Analytics data table view. 14267

Story --- The c3 JavaScript charting library and Handlebars are now available for Manage section screens. 14215 & 14247

Bug --- Searching by duration now works correctly for API Stream Analytics. 14291