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iOS push notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging


We've integrated our Unity game with GameSparks and use FireBase for Push Notifications.

This setup works for our Android devices, but does not work for our iOS devices.

Some details:

We've configured FCM in the Configurator/Integrations.

In unity, our clients send a PushRegistrationRequest as follows: 

new PushRegistrationRequest().SetDurable(true)
            .Send((response) => Debug.Log("GameSparks PushRegistration response: " + response.JSONString));

We see that the PushRegistrationRequest returns successfully. 

When we trigger a push notification using Test Harness no notifications are displayed on our iOS clients.

I should note that we do successfully send Push Notifications to our iOS clients using FireBase Console itself.

Are we missing anything?

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Hi, Did you ever manage to get this working? I'm facing the same issue and do not find any answers for it on the forum

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