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Forum is broken !

 This forum seems to be broken,

everytime i try to post something with a line of code included it refuses to post.

Please find out what the  problem is !

tested... that will only make me post it again...
testing that :)


Try clearing cache (or CTRL+F5 to get a non-cached page).

Now i get this error evertime i post on the forums:

The posts go through though....


Glad to hear this, can't wait for this :)


Hi Ward,

The moderation settings have been eased so you won't see this issue any more. You guys will be able to post your answers and see them go up in real time. Only extreme cases should be flagged for moderation now. Apologies for any inconvenience caused here. In regards to the forums themselves we have a big overhaul planned in the next few months with quite a few exciting updates coming that we think you guys will love. So watch this space !



I'm receiving emails of people posting something 4 days ago,which not got posted until today.

Can Gamesparks please confirm this is intended behaviour or if this is a bug ?


Looks like you are right Ward, whenever code of any sort is posted, it automatically needs to be approved.

The forum is doing it again, i try to reply to a post with a few lines of code in it, and the post gets delayed again.
Please remove the delaying of posts, a forum like this should NOT be moderated so strictly.  

Gamesparks is great but...
- good ticket support
- no real time help (irc or whatever)
- worst forums i've seen in a long time

please listen to the people who still care for this forum,i'm on the edge of giving up on it (not Gamesparks), but we need a proper way of getting support besides the ticket service


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If this isn't supposed to happen, then there is definitely an issue because every single post is going to the approval queue last I checked


Thanks for the reply, but i doubt this is a issue only with me or new members since there wasn't a single forum post for several days.
Today the forum seems fixed and several posts are being made again daily.

I'm glad the forum works again but there seems to be something really wrong with the software behind it (or the servers ?)


 Hey Ward,

It looks like your forum posts are going into the 'awaiting approval' category.
We look at these every morning to vet any posts that are picked up by freashdesk, but not at the weekend, so i apologize for any delay.

We are looking into why these posts were picked up by freshdesk, but after we accept a few posts you shouldnt get this problem again.
Please bear with us.


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