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YouTube Tutorials Request Thread

Hi everyone!

If you haven't seen my other post on the GameSparks Community, you can read that here -

Youtube tutorials were brought up in that thread, as we are ever expanding our tutorials and in the near future we hope to significantly expand our YouTube channel too. I thought it would be a good idea to create a separate thread for any suggestions the GameSparks community might have for future tutorials - Either on existing documentation and/or new items too. 


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(RIP edit - the friends list in the tutorial CAN be modified, but REQUESTING the list cannot modify what returns -- which resyncs all platforms without consideration of removed friends)

(other than the existing tutorial doc that calls ListFriendsRequest directly which re-syncs external platform friends)

We have a new set of Getting Started video tutorials up on the site now. You can find them here. We'd love to get some feedback on these.

You guys should add a tutorial for custom friends lists: The current friends list cannot be modified -- this means if a player wants to remove a Steam friend (if Steam friends are sync'd -- or whatever other platform), that player will just be added right back after removed. 

The system I made ended up being a bit too complex since there's no easy way to do this: It's a bit too difficult for me to explain to friends that are interested in GS.

More Unreal Engine tutorials, in particular, C++ based ones. While Blueprints are useful, I wouldn't handle something so low level in it, and just use it for more direct game logic.

More in depth video tutorials are a good idea, but they need to go much deeper into detail instead of the ultra simple examples you would show in a 4 minute demo on stage at an event. If the demo person doesn't understand the system beyond the simple examples they show, then find someone who is more versed in the core technical details of the system to provide the technical tutorial videos.

More Unreal engine 4 tuts and demos please

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Hey all,

We have a new set of Getting Started video tutorials up on the site now. You can find them here. We'd love to get some feedback on these.



I'm thinking about creating some video tutorials on this. Any requests? I don't have a starting point yet so fundamentals like the scheduler demo mentioned a while ago would be easy, while matchmaking probably takes a lot more prep to demo.

I followed the documentation and demo app, but have not seen working, its keeps stuck in matchmaking screen, what I missed in documentation ?? I followed every step, but in documentation screens it shows match start screen with the given unity demo, but in reality it stuck in match making screen....

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Just curious what the status of this whole youtube thing is, as the original post was made 11 months ago, and there haven't really been any videos posted to the GameSparks channel in about a year.

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I too agree with this. I find it so very frustrating to understand written documentation. 

Is there a matchmaking/groups tutorial? I find this concept very confusing. We haven't swapped from Photon, yet, because I don't understand it completely. I'd love to, but I'm a bit intimidated ;D

Agreed. For programmers like me who are experienced but not with networking, a better documentation would be exponentially helpful. If I would request a particular video, I would say real time video tutorials would be very helpful.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback about future youtube tutorials. We hope to expand and grow in video tutorials as we improve the GameSparks community.

@Peter - I am sorry you are finding GameSparks frustrating to use. While we are working on expanding our documents and tutorials, if you are stuck on something more pressing, please get in touch with the support team via the ticket system and they will get back to you asap.


Would like to see some tuts for building custom dashboards (aka Admin Screens). 

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I need tutorials asap! Its so frustrating trying to use gameparks for anything that isnt exactly shown step by step.

For example Im trying to create a timer that will run out and end a persons turn. 

theScheduler.inSeconds("testEvent2", 3, {"challengeInstanceId": challengeId });

Code executes I wait 3 seconds and nothing happens! Also I never see the module run when in test harness.

I run into problems like this all the time and it make smy team want to stop using gamesparks.

WE NEED video tutorials or documentation for everything.

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