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Greetings from the Community Manager!

Hi everyone! 

I thought it was time to introduce myself - my name is Clare and I am your friendly neighborhood Community Manager. 

My job has many aspects, but one of the biggest ones is the forums and you guys - The GameSparks Community! 

Over the next little while, I want to dive deeper into what makes the GS community what it is and look at how we can make it even better. This is why I'd like to hear from you, members of the community and the people I want to see get the most out of it. 

So, what kind of things would you like to see in the community end of GameSparks? 

Would you like us to expand on something we already have?

Is there something new you'd like to see?

Is there something you think could be changed up a bit?

Let me know, I'm open to all thoughts and ideas. Also, if someone suggests something and you think it is a good idea please say - it'll be a good way to gauge the popularity of ideas.

I look forward to hearing what you all think!


I'm loving the support portal and all the answers that can be found here.

One thing I have noticed is that the documentation doesn't really expand beyond Gamesparks in most of the tutorials. I really think it would be awesome to have more examples of how to pull and use the data a specific tutorial is setting up in different languages/engines (Unity in my case).

I've started a unofficial    #GameSparks irc channel on Freenode (same server #unity3d haves his irc channel).

I hope i'm allowed to post it here and that some Gamespark devs are willing to unity there so we can help each other.

As soon Gamesparks decides to have a similar channel i'm closing the unofficial channel down or hand it over to Gamesparks.

Is this ok Clare ?


@Ward - Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. IRC is no problem, so long as people are aware it's an unofficial GameSparks one and that they won't see too many of us floating around there answering questions and if anyone has any questions or issues that you may not have the answer to, please send them to support here =)

@Kamron - I understand where you're coming from. That's a good idea, to expand on use cases in the tutorials. Shall suggest it to the docs team!

+1 for IRC

Thanks David! +1 is noted =)

+1 Discord. They really make anything else obsolete, and they have a super lush API. We use Discord.js and it's incredible. Everything's JSON based and super intuitive.

Then Stripe integration. No one likes PayPal etc and it's not professional. But with Stripe, they have a full JSON API, super awesome documentation, client-side, server-side code: they have it all. Best of all, they have business integrations: So you can easily "link" stripe with your own stripe business app. It's meant for you guys. 

Looking for good tutorials about integrating with Unity, any ideas? I want to use GS but a little unsure of where to go to learn more.

Hi Claire.

I'm hoping Gamespark could upload some video tutorial so beginner like me can understand it better than written documentation.

Hey there, if it isn't any problem with GameSparks, I made an Unofficial GameSparks Discord server.

I can remove it if it causes any conflicts.

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The good ol' days.

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