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Truly Multiple Profiles per player

I've only found an unanswered question about this, so I thought I'd post it as a feature request instead:

Can we please have truly multiple profiles (called Characters in a game) per player in the system?

Currently I am working on a MMORPG in which players can have multiple characters (profiles) under a single account.

Each character needs it's own inventory, currencies, achievements, etc. which at the moment isn't possible. Each character should be listed on the leaderboard (if applicable) instead of the player's accountname.

Additionally, in my game, each character can unlock a quest pack by doing certain things. In example Character A unlocks Questpack C, but Character B hasn't done what needs to be done to unlock Questpack C and thus doesn't get access to that.

At the moment questpacks would be unlocked for all characters at once, unless I would do the following:

From what I understand, to achieve this I would have to: Have a Quest Manager (stores all quests), a Player Manager (stores inventories of items that are accessible to the chars) and an overall game manager (to hold the persistent states), just to get this done.

Currencies are assigned to players, instead of to characters, which in my MMORPG is counter productive. In my MMORPG each character needs it's own wallet with respective currencies

If we could have truly multiple profiles (Characters), like PlayFab has, the inventories, currencies, questpack unlocks, etc. would be per character instead of per player. Which would represent a MMORPG structure in a far more logical way.

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I can't seem to edit my post above, so I thought I'd add this information:
From the Marketing department I got the following about the currencies:

Virtual currencies as they are defined at the moment are player account, For instance you can buy a virtual good to be account wide, as an example think of game time.


In this case you would need to set your own Currency Manager and define the rule set for the currency. In this case for use of our Virtual goods system I would only use for any items that can be account wide and not character bound

Well, "normal" MMORPG currencies (or virtual goods being non-items like weapons, consumables, etc), like bronze, silver, gold, gamepoints, are earned and stored per character. It's pretty much vital in an MMORPG, at least in the ones I played and the one I'm developing at the moment, for each character to have its own wallet with the currencies.

So, if this feature couldn't/wouldn't be implemented, how would I go about having the character data separate (with all its inventory, currencies, achievements, etc) without setting up all kinds of extra managers? It seems like an awful lot of extra work just to have, what it seems like, a normal MMORPG system.

Thanks for the help!

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yeah the setup they have is very specific for a certain type of game, it takes a lot of hacks currently to utilize for anything outside of their specific vision.

Characters ( currently not ) being separate from a person is a pretty big one.

You'd thinking having built in functionality that support the features of the top ... say top 20 games in the market would be a top priority...

Another is the idea of upgradable items. like a sword getting more speed and damage per level. That idea just flat out doesn't exist.. instead you have to make separate items and track them in your code


we really need a proper player - profiles/characters system.

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