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Platform Release 2017-03-31

Hi Everyone,

We've another platform release today hot on the heels of the last one:

Bug --- Cloud Code import is now properly blocked for users who do not have Cloud Code Import write permission. 13807

Bug --- Cursor appearance for re-ordering Segments now shows as a Move icon. 13805

Bug --- New Admin Screens created in Manage now appear directly for selection in Manage. 13797

Bug --- An issue with full screen refresh not working in Chrome for Snippets and Screens has now been fixed. 13787

Bug --- When segmenting Property Set Keys, the drop-down Segment selection field is now correctly labelled. 13743

Story --- The way errors are returned for HTTP requests into the platform has been enhanced and users can now submit a report directly when these types of error occur. 13953

Bug --- An issue has been fixed which allowed the preview stage of games to be assigned to the wrong runtime cluster region.  14171