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matchid always seems empty in MatchUpdatedMessage !!!??

how to get matchId in MatchUpdatedMessage message?
i am using unreal engine sdk for gamespark

we are kind of stuck in that . we need to finish it tomorrow before wweekend.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. If it's still relevant, here's a screen shot:


You will have to create a GS Message Listener component in your game mode, then create an event for Message Updated Message from it.

Hi. we are still stuck in that. Because, that matchid pin is always giving empty string.we also tried to debug it and found out that the response does not contain the matchid. So it seems server is not including matchID in the response. Can u do a check on your side?

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MatchUpdateMessage doesnt return match ID for me either..So i guess its  intended?

 For manual matching, verifying the amount of participants on pending matches would be great. Youre already being notified every time a pending match changes with MatchUpdateMessage, but withouth the match ID its pointless, since I cant know which match, and therefore cant do anything about it.

I will have to keep pinging with findpendingmatches just to retrieve the number of participant data, which is info already being pinged to me trough the MatchUpdateMessage.

What Im implement is a force start. If theres more than 2 participants in a match, player will be presented with an option to force start, which is an event that will set matchData informing which players have opted to forcestart, if the majority opted, I will create the match. Its somewhat like this:

btw Im using Unity.

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