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Error Push Notifications Firebase

We've found a bug in the platform. We have set up the FCM (Firebase Cloud Message) in the configuration of the new portal (, and we have it working. The problem, we have discovered, is that when we modify anything (any script on an editor, for example) in the old platform, FCM gets it configuration messed up and stops working. Basically, as per logs, it seems like, after any kind of change in the old portal interface, the FCM config gets dropped and any android push notification gets sent as an old GCM (in our setup this is not configured, so it always fails).

A workaround after having done any change in the old portal is going to the new portal2, entering the Configurator - Integration screen, and just opening and saving the GCM / FCM configuration, so that the system restores it.

Knowing this we can just avoid the old portal, but it is a very easy bug to trigger and can be very damaging for a team, so we would really appreciate if you can fix it.


How can i get registered account. Will this account work properly. I wanna send push notifications but i have tried each and every method but unable to send. is this account a reason for not working properly?

Hi Naveed,

This would have nothing to do with your ability to be able to send push notifications. If you have a specific issue please create your own thread or log a ticket. @Mahei apologies for the very delayed response here. We must have missed when this originally came in. If you're still experiencing issues please let us know.



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Thank you so much for your reply but I am still facing the issue. I have FCM key and set up each and everything but i am still not getting notifications. Please guide me. Please give video tutorials link. Thanks

This is code which i have in my game script to call event


new PushRegistrationRequest ()

   .SetDeviceOS ("FCM")

   .SetPushId (pushId)

   .Send ((response) => {

   string registrationId = response.RegistrationId;

   GSData scriptData = response.ScriptData;


push id is fcm token


I have set up FCM Template and Server key. is there anything else which i have to set? Should i have to event or create new event? I am confused.

Hi Naveed

Can you see if the push id is being set to the deviceRegIds array?

To check this go to the data explorer and find your player in the collection system->player.



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