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Virtual goods via cloud code?

Is there anyway we can create/edit/delete virtual goods and their attributes via cloud code? I am referring to the global virtual goods not the ones the player owns. Like creating a script to create a virtual good available for all users to purchase and to take it even further schedule a job to remove it after a week for example. Does the api support that? Many thanks

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Hi Alex,

No it's not possible to do this in Cloud Code. Your best bet would probably to have a segmented version of the particular Virtual Good set up and then move the players into a particular segment. You could also make use of Virtual Goods tags here too. If a player is eligible to see a certain Virtual Good you can use the tag to return a particular list of Virtual Goods for them. Create and deleting configuration on the fly like this would work as you would need to publish a snapshot for the configuration change to be applied.



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