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Platform Release 2017-03-24


Hi Everyone,


Today's platform release contains quite a few usability enhancements. Also included is a very useful new feature that allows you to set a timeout for ending your player sessions after they have disconnected and so preserve the integrity of the Session Duration analytics data for your game. Also worthy of mention are enhancements for the Cloud Code History tool and tighter validation run against Cloud Code import files.


Bug --- An auto-complete issue when entering a require in JavaScript for a Snippet was fixed. 13857

Story --- Logged portal errors were reviewed and fixed. 13755

Story --- A single call to get properties for a key is now made when a Property set is edited, instead of multiple extraneous calls for every Property set key being made.  13737

Story --- The last game used is now added to feedback messages submitted by customers. 13633

Story --- The Cloud Code History tool has been enhanced to show the date of compared Snapshots, the Live Snapshot, and to allow searching of Snapshots to compare. 13563

Feature --- A timeout in minutes can now be set to end a player session after that player disconnects from the platform. You can use this feature to ensure analytics data for Session Duration times are not at risk of being skewed because of unended sessions, which are not logged as timed sessions. 12935

Bug --- The Apple certificate is no longer validated if it wasn't changed. 13527

Bug --- When importing Cloud Code, files that contain invalid characters, files whose name contains invalid characters, and files that will create new objects in the platform are now blocked from import into the platform. 11947 & 13919

Bug --- Performing an undo action using a keyboard shortcut in the Cloud Code editor no longer risks losing the entire script. 13521

Bug --- What users can see in Game Edit mode now corresponds with their permissions settings for this area. 13483

Bug --- An empty custom segment query can no longer be added in field edit mode. 13415

Bug --- When a segment query filter has been edited, segment queries using that filter can be properly saved. 13561

Bug --- Error messages shown in the Cloud Code Debugger window now identify the correct line of code. 13457

Bug --- When copying game Snapshots, the list of possible target games is now correctly updated. 13629

Bug --- An informative error message is now shown when an incorrect password is used for an uploaded iOS certificate. 13543

Story --- A message now appears on the Game Overview page to ensure Evaluation users know why they cannot publish Snapshots to Live. 13695

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