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I start to study your platform, and I would like to know if I can have code on the server side(Cloud) that can use CSharpCodeProvider.

My idea is have rules stored at the DB and make possible to changes those rules for tests/improvements/fixes without need rebuild server.

Is this possible on your platform?

Thank you

Hi Gleison,

Our Cloud Code is powered by JavaScript so you won't be able to use c# in the editor. Can you describe your requirements in more detail here please ? 




What we are trying to do is have a configurable AI, the code on the server will be just a shell to load the real code from the DB.

Once the code is loaded it should be able to execute.

This will give me dynamic updates on the AI.

Is that possible ?

Thank you in advance for you time.



I do not see why you need to store the code in DB if you simply want to choose what cloud code (server side coed) to execute. Just run the cloud code you are interested in. Since it is on the server you can update it without the client having to know it changed.

Or if you are talking about AI code which will execute on the client then it should be possible to keep such data (code) in the DB and download it to the client to feed to CSharpCOdeProvider.
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