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Absolute social leaderboard ranks


We're currently implementing social network features in our game, but we just ran into the following issue:

When we make a SocialLeaderboardDataRequest to get all leaderboard entries of the player's friends, all the ranks in the response are relative to the returned list of entries. However, we would like the request to return the ranks of friends like they appear in the leaderboard.

Would it be possible to have the option to return the absolute leaderboard ranks in the SocialLeaderboardDataRequest?


Niels Nijholt

Hi Niels

You could send a  LeaderboardDataRequest and set the social field to true to return the players social friends.



Hi Katie,

I've tried what you suggested, but it doesn't seem to do what I expected. This is the request I made:


  "@class": ".LeaderboardDataRequest",
  "entryCount": 3,
  "friendIds": [
  "leaderboardShortCode": "GlobalCampaignLB",
  "social": true

 However, the result only contained the entry of the player making the request and not the 3 entries included in the "friendIds" field. How can I make this work?



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