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TypeScript Definitions For Cloud Code

I've generated a set of TypeScript type definitions for the Cloud Code API.

Kudos to the GameSparks team for having such consistent and parseable documentation.

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Thanks. I am planning to write some integration tests that will call real gamesparks events instead of manually clicking in test harness.
They should trigger automatically, when new code is pushed on GameSparks as part of CI/CD development.



For unit tests I am using mocked GameSparks SDK. I have mocked db and all that stuff. This is for local development in VisualStudio Code

When I publish new code to GameSparks server, I need to manually click every action in test harness to test if it is ok. In that case you are not clearing database, you are testing staged production enviorenment. So why not autamate that manually clicking in test harness? They are not unit tests. They are integration tests where I am not using mocked but real services. After that tests completed I can send mail to few of my devs with button to approve merging new code to production. I take that snapshot from TEST GameSparks Server and copy it to PROD GameSparks Server (where every server is new game instance in GameSparks)


@Mislav Zlatar

I am interested for that, my testing process is very slow.

Can you show the work when you finish?

Sure I can share when I finish. Are you interested in specific part or whole arhitecture?



@Mislav Zlatar

I think show the whole architecture is better, there may be others who need it

Thanks in advance!

I've generated some updated TypeScript type defs to include the new gamedataservice api.

If anyone is interested, check it out and let me know if there are any issues

@ Johnson Chu

Ok, but I will need few weeks, dont have time right now.



First sorry for recreating the wheel.


I recreated the Cloud Code definition file from the web page and added all the document content.

If you need more code documentation, you can try my version.


P.S. does not include Request API

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