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Global Leaderboard with Player Points


using GS, I'd like to achieve the following:

- Players have a score, starting at 1000

- In the game, 2 players face each other

- When the game ends, the winning and losing players both submit their game outcome (cheat prevention)

- The winning player receives 10 points

- The losing player loses 10 points

- A leaderboard can be displayed showing the player score in comparison to other players

What I have done already are the first 3 points. I am able to detect which player won and then I could add the score.

Could you please generally point me in the right direction, I'm struggeling a bit with the documentation as it seems my usecase is a bit different  

- How would I ideally store the player points? scriptData?

- How can I show this data in the leaderboard?

- How can I make sure the leaderboard stays updated?


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Hi Axel,

I think a challenge leaderboard might be the best way to achieve this. We have a guide on how to set one up here. Essentially players will be playing and submitting scores to the leaderboard. You can set a target score which when hit, will decide who the winner is. At this point the winner will get a ChallengewonMessage and the loser will get a ChallengeLostMessage. When using a leaderboard in a challenge a ChallengechangedMessage will be sent to the player each time a score is submitted. So this message would be a good way to keep each player updated as it will contain the latest scores for each. Does this approach sound like it would work for you ? 



Hmm I think I didn't make my requirement fully clear, sorry for that.

My game doesn't have scores / points in-game, but the players have kind of "Rank-Points". These points should only be calculated Server-side. So when a game ends, the winning player gains rank-points, the losing player looses. It's similar to the MMR rating many titles use.

What I understand from you anwser would be a leaderboard showing Player High-Scores in a game where players can earn points during game, right?

I would like to present a leaderboard with a player list based on those points. Every player can have only one entry in the board.

Mid-Term I'd like to achieve a ranking similar to Rocket Leage if you are familiar with that. But I'd like to start with the simplified start.

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