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about leaderboard

i have an issue about leaderboard,

can i create two leaderboards? one is global, and the other is local?

it seems to the leaderboard of the Hill Climb 2


This can be done through partitions. You can set up a global LeaderBoard through which all scores are stored as Running Totals. You can also define a local LeaderBoard which in this case would be partitioned by Country. You can find documentation on this here

Best Regards, Patrick. 

if i partition leaderboards by contry, how can i get the global leaderborad data?

does it like this, i call LeaderboardDataRequest method, and not set leaderboardshortcode parameter.


It depends on how you have it configured. A score event with a score number attribute and a country string attribute (set to grouped) should be all you need here. You can then set up a global leaderboard with the running total set to "score" with the collector set to "score-all". For the country leaderboard you can set up the same but add a second running total field which is set to "score" with the collector set to "country-all". To get the Global leaderboard you would use the shortCode that you configured for it. The same would go for the country one. If you need some help getting this set up just let me know.




i still have some issue, to set up global leaderboard with the collector set to "score-all"? 

2.i try to set globalleaderboard with the running total set to "score", but after i send a score log event, i send leaderboarddatarequeset with the running total shortcode, it response leaderboard shortcode invalid, you say, i must create two leaderboards, one is global, the other is country, if i send a score log event, does the two leaderboards will have a rank with the same score?

please give more details about how to set up , thanks


i created two leaderboards, one is country leaderboard, the other is global leaderboard,

when i send a highest  score event, both of them have score data, it seems work well.

i want to know, does the two leaderboard will share data or they will have own data for the same score?

for example, if a score data will cost 32 bytes on database,both the two leaderboards have this score data,

so the total bytes on database is 32+32=64 bytes, or still 32 bytes(share data)?

thanks for response

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