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TypeScript Typings

We're considering migrating to GameSparks from PlayFab, whose CloudScript TypeScript typings we make extensive use of. Please consider supplying TypeScript typing definitions for the Cloud Code APIs, to ease development for those of us who prefer not to use the web IDE.

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Hi Jordan,

Thanks for logging a feature request. We'll pass this on to the dev team.



Hello, we've tried and it works quite good.

Our solution was to write tiny parser in c# (173 lines of code)

which simply gots js from this file:

and transforms to "ts" file.  let me know if someone interested - i'll share parser here or at github.

Hi Konstantin,

I also have been interested in using typescript with GameSparks, do you think you could share your parser ?



Hi Benjamin,

Jordan Ephron already posted python parser( i've discovered it later, but it uses another method):

our method integrated with pipeline and required somework to split out from other code. But let me know if you still interested

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Thanks for the hint. I will look into it !

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