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lost trying to store only 1 number on nosql

everytime i save data it keeps updating into a new document on the nosql runtime collection and I tought It should be replacing the value.

I just want to have 2 players in a match, and everytime one of them presses a button a number called cardsLeft gets decremented by one.

thats all.

none of the exapmles are similar and Im really stupid, thank you for your time

I have an event with 2 attributes, both numbers, match and cardsLeft.

i want to update cardsLeft for the particular match number



sorry I didnt mean to post it twice, I have bad internet and didnt notice the moderation warning the first time.

i guess I misunderstood what $set did, because yeah that almost worked perfectly. I had to keep the true and false.

thank you very much i've spent so long on this before giving up and asking here. never used SQL stuff before and was/am lost.

attached is how i am getting 2 variables from event data, and updating one with respect to the other if it ever helps anyone


Hi Adam,

Can you try replacing your update Cloud Code with the following?

raceData.update({"match":match},{$set: {"cardsLeft":cardsLeft}});


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