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Platform Release 2017-03-03

Hi Everyone,

Here's our first release following Portal2 launch, so we're back in the groove and here's a list of what's in the release by way of updates and enhancements. Of special note are the new unpublish game Snapshots feature, a new capability for quickly changing the game owner, and support now added to the platform for Firebase messaging and notifications.

Story --- The ownership of a game can now be changed to any of the game's Collaborators. Game owners can change a game's owner and it has been added as a permission that can be enabled for user Groups. By default the change game owner permission is disabled for user Groups. 13493

Bug --- Previously, a player could be marked as offline after a reconnect due to dropped wifi. This is now fixed by checking the online status of players associated with a socket when a request is received through the socket. 13285

Feature --- Published game Snapshots can now be unpublished from a game's Live stage and without having to revert to another game Snapshot. 12949

Feature --- Messages can now be dismissed in batches, removing the need to dismiss each message individually. 12947

Feature --- A new ListTeamsRequest and response now allows Teams on a game to be searched. 12945

Story --- Extra logging has been added for iOS push notifications, making troubleshooting messaging errors much easier. 12943

Bug --- An issue that could cause the debugger to crash when using JavaScript eval has been resolved. 12937

Feature --- Added startDate, endDate, and so on to JS for Challenges. 11883

Feature --- Firebase messaging and notifications are now supported. 11885

Feature --- Credential type can now be accessed from cloud code. 11605

Feature -- When resetting auth tokens, the latest token can now be excluded. 11527

Story --- Added method to get current sessionId from cloud code. 12545

Story --- How to configure game Credentials for allowed/disallowed requests has been made much more intuitive in the UI. 13723

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