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[Unreal] Gamesparks for 4.16

There are many new important improvements in 4.16 Please provide a plugin version for Unreal 4.16. Thank You.

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The incompatibility error doesnt mean anything. Ive stated the reason above. If you remove the engine version in the GameSparks.upluginit the error wont show again. This will reflect from the next plugin onwards.



It says incompatible plugin whenever I load the project . Havnt got the error logs anymore . I switched back to unreal 4.15 and was able to package wit no errorz . I will try and reproduce the errors tonight in 4.16 and post them here thanks

 Hi Anthony, can you please raise a ticket and supply us with the errors you're getting, please?



hello i have followed the advice here and downloaded the sdk and changed the .uplugin to 4.16 but im still getting the incompatible plugin error and i am also unable to package any games using the plugin . it always fails with multiple errors 

Thanks a lot!

 4.10 is just a placeholder.

We've since removed it and the error for incompatibility is no longer occurring. This will reflect in the newest update which we are pushing out soon.



I just downloaded BitBucket version and still 4.10.0 ....Is it diferent form Marketplace?


The plugin on the marketplace now works for 4.16.
Any updates on this so far?


Gustavo. I understand. Mine worked as well after renaming. I'm just wondering if 4.10 - 4.16 is at typo or did they uploaded / committed a wrong version. Because since they're now aware and have not acted , I believe it may be not just a typo, but actually a wrong commit, hence I wanted to clarify.

Guys, I was able to build the BitBucket version with no problem using UE 4.16 from launcher. I just opened the file GameSparks.uplugin on notepad and changed version from 4.10 to 4.16. It compiled with no worries! Also, all my implementation worked perfectly after the update. Again: after the update on BitBucket, it is working for me perfectly. I can record a video showing the update process if you guys have problem with the update. Thanks!

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Hi Guys,

We'll get this clarified for you as soon as we can. Please bear with us for now.



I hope they fix the marketplace version soon.  Despite it saying it is updated for 4.16, it really is only compiled for 4.15 which causes UE to think something is wrong.

Since what I am working on is a UE marketplace submission that is dependent on the GS plugin, I have to wait until the marketplace version is fixed based on the UE marketplace submission guidelines.  I can't use the source SDK and edit it just to make it work.

Hi guys.

There isn't an official reply as to what is going on with the lack of 4.16 plugin. 
Here's the summary so far , I'd like to hear the official word on what's going on .

The marketplace downloaded plugin is 4.15.
The bitbucket version has 4.10 ( Super old version ) set to the engine version. 

So right now which is which? There is no working version that compiles out of the box. I don't mind editing the plugin files myself , but I'd like to hear officially from Gamespark which is the correct version. This seems to be a big issue , it's almost a month 4.16 has been out and this isn't fully sorted out yet. Please advise.

ok, thank you!

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