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deleted cloud code in download

I download my cloud code so I can perform searches throughout all my scripts. I found that scripts that have long since been deleted due to revised or improved naming connections are included in my download.

Is there a purpose for this that I'm unaware of or is it an oversite?

I personally would like to reduce clutter as I get closer to release.

Thanks for your time!


Is this when you export you Cloud code as a zip from from the editor page on the Portal ? Only scripts that include code should be included here. Can you let me know the name of the game you are seeing this in and one of the unexpected scripts that is appearing in the download please ?



Yes this is when I export my scripts.

It's the game with " Alpha" in the title. One of the deleted scripts appearing is "action_startGame" under the folder event-challenge. You can see in my events and cloud code however, that event no longer exists.

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