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Corona sdk repository

I want to download the gamespark corona repository on bitbucket, but everytime I open the repository, it says access denied..

I don't know much about bitbucket but when I opened the repository for gamespark cocos2d and unreal engine they worked just fine..

Hi JTPenn,

We're looking into this for you. I noticed you logged a ticket on this issue also. We'll update the ticket and forum post when we have an answer for you.



Hello JTPenn,

We are going to publish it on the Corona Marketplace very soon (within 1 or 2 weeks) and it is the main reason why we have disabled the repository. However, we can give you the latest (beta) version of it if you do not want to wait it on the marketplace.


Hi, I have the same issue. I am trying to find the Corona SDK Documentation for GameSparks. Usually I go to this link: but it is not working anymore.

Has GameSparks dropped support for Lua/Corona SDK?

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I'm also wondering the same thing. Has the this been moved to a new repo or is Coronas SDK dropped?

Any answer from GameSparks officials?

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