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Portal2 webinar Q&A

Hi Guys,

Thanks to everyone for tuning in to our very first webinar. We really hope you enjoyed it. If you have any follow up questions you'd like to ask please post them here and the team will get them answered for you.




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Hi Everyone, it's Ellie here. Our first webinar may be over, but there's no reason why the conversation should end there!  During the live webinar, we answered as many questions as we could concerning the newly released Portal2, but there were some questions that we couldn't get to in time. 

So, as promised, we have listed all the questions recorded during the stream, providing answers for both those already answered, as well as answering any that were missed. Please continue adding your thoughts, feedback and questions to this thread. We'd love to hear what you guys think, as well spark a bit of conversation between you all!

Q: WRT authentication integrations, can we add custom integrations to support publisher requirements?

A: If the integration can be developed using an HTTP API, you can write your own with cloud code. We're always listening to our customers about new integrations, so if this doesn't work let us know and we'll work on getting it into the platform.

Q: Is anyone still using the old portal?

A: We've seen an excellent response from our users so far, with most folks now using the portal2. We're also pleased that everyone is helping us to iron out the few corner cases that we expected to encounter during the public BETA. When these creases have gone, we'll announce the process of retiring our first portal, at this point all users will need to upgrade to Portal2. We encourage all of our users to be aware of this and not to put off make the move, so they can take advantage of the newly enhanced features which are only being made available through Portal2.

Q: So basically the new Portal still has the same back-end and just the front-end changed?

A: The database is (mainly) the same, but the management backend for GameSparks has been completely redesigned to allow everything to be achieved both through the portal and via REST. If you'd like to learn more about the re-architecting of the GameSparks platform, you can see a technical post written by our CTO Gabriel Page, here.

Q: Would it be possible to increase the font size of the cloud code editor?

A: Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this to our backlog and allow users to increase / decrease. Q: Are you guys planning to add WebGL support for Real-Time?

A: Yes we are, we've recently added websocket support to the GameSparks Real-Time servers, this will pave the way to let us use browser based sockets for RT. You can expect to see more concerning this in the first half of this year.

Q: Would be awesome if you guys could support other networks like Photon or unet too.

A: We have a number of customers who use photon & GameSparks already, so we can provide an off the shelf integration for this. However, we haven't previously looked into unet.

Q: For new users, should we still follow the docs that are laid out for Portal1 or are there specific new docs for the updates you've made?

A: We released at the same time as Portal2. This uses new and completely up-to-date screenshots, and has been reworked to highlight all of the new features and functional workflows for the new portal. Please note that as the original Portal moves into retirement, so to will the original documentation, at some point in the future the original documentation for Portal1 will become out of date and will not be updated.

Q: Any plans in the works for hosting dedicated servers? Would be useful for UE4 projects.

A: Yes this would be useful to users, this is a roadmap item for this year.

Q: Are you guys planning to add new features? like built-in tournaments, better monitoring tools (users), custom data for virtual goods? I have a bunch of suggestions.

A: Although we already have a pretty full schedule of changes and new introductions planned for the near term, your suggestions are always welcome and taken into account during sprint plans. Tournaments & custom virtual good data are planned for the near future. Any further feature requests can be added to the forums and will be noted by our team.

Q: Are you confident that your Real-Time solution can handle a competitive PvP game?

A: Absolutely yes! The GameSparks Real-Time Services are already being used in a number of high profile games, and we've load tested the hell out of it. If you have specific scenarios that you feel may not be in our sweet spot please get in touch and we'll get some load test together to show you what we can do.

Q: Any improvements planned for docs? It's hard to get a comprehensive list of all the methods on some classes. E.g. type GSRequestData into the search.

A: Up until this point, we've mainly concentrated on having the server-side documentation up to date. However, we're constantly building upon and expanding our documentation and tutorials. If you have any suggestions, please add them in the forums and we'll make sure they're noted. Q: Would be nice to be able to go directly to the Cloud Code for an existing event from the list of events there.

A: Thanks for your suggestion! We'll get that added to the backlog. The new architecture used for Portal2 allows us to implement a feature like this without the need for a "whole world" deployment. This means we're now able to implement things like this faster than ever before.

Q: In this specific document 'Real-Time Best Practices' it states that there can be tick rate as low as 10, but how high can it be?

A: We have console games sending 60fps. But it's a balance, the more data you send the the more data the other ends have to process. Getting this right requires some tuning of the game to make sure it performs well. Get in touch if you have specific scenarios you would like us to prove. Q: I want to support multiple regions like League of legends, e.g user chooses americas or eu or asia, do i have to create my game x times in GameSparks to achieve this

A: That is currently the supported solution. For many this works well, as it allows you to push updates to a single region at a time. This is a topic that has come up a number of times, so we may extend upon this in future.

Q: Suggestion: If possible, when a tech support representative uses someone's portal as a collaborator, make a video of them using the portal and fixing.

A: Thats a great idea to help improve best practice for using GameSparks. We'll look discuss this with our support team.

Do you have plans to improve admin screens? I mean they are still using the old portal styles and also would be great to have access to more snippets like tables with pagination and sort functionality like the one currently have in the portal.


Hi Hjupter,

Apologies for the delayed response. We're always looking for ways to improve the portal. We'll take this feedback on board going forward.



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