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MatchmakingRequest get matchid

 When people connect they can get the match id but what about the creator?

I need to get the match id from:

new MatchmakingRequest().SetMatchShortCode("GALAXY_ICE_MULTIPLAYER_MATCH").SetMatchData(gsdata).SetSkill(0).Send((response) =>

response.matchid <----------------------------------doesn't exist???


i can't remove player 1 because i cannot get the match id upon the matchmakingrequest

players 2-4 have no problems because upon joining they get it with ease.

eh to get around this issue and not even use any events or anything...i just have the reload to the main menu..that causes an immediate disconnect and seems to work fine :)
to make things more clear i have a logevent setup to do this:
but i cannot remove player 1 because i have no way to get the match id for the person who creates the match request.


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