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Partitioning a Team Leaderboard

Dear Gamesparks,

We would like to partition our team leaderboard. This doesn't seem to be an option when we create a leaderboard based on a team type. It is not possible to add a value to a team-based Running Total to use as a partition.

Our case: we store month/year as a partition for our player leaderboards. Now we have created teams for the players. We have leaderboards for the players' scores and would like to have the teams battle each other in a leaderboard. However, we (optionally) want these scores partitioned, just like the leaderboards for the player.

Is it true that this is not possible? If so, why is this the case? If not, how can we add a value to either the Leaderboard or the Running Total to use in our Team Leaderboard?

Thank you!


Hi Tim,

You'd need to pass in a grouped attribute to partition in a leaderboard. For a team you could use the TeamId for this purpose. How are you currently tracking the scores for your teams and players ? Can you let me know the name of your game and the events,leaderboards and running totals that you are currently using ? I'll help you get this configured.



Hi Liam,

Thank you. The game we're working on is MQB_AH_DEV. Previously we stored a score "playerResult" (as a SUM) based on a win (10000 points) or a loss (-1 point) using the ChallengeResult event, used by the WinLose leaderboard. The scores and the leaderboard are partitioned by a string we set in Cloud Code (monthly, weekly, daily, or a custom name), called "partitioningKey" in the event. We then added a leaderboard WinLoseTeam where players score within their team. So we added "battleTeam" (our team type) to the event and used this as a second partition in the WinLoseTeam leaderboard, together with "partitioningKey". 

We would also like a leaderboard showing a single score between teams, for which we're using a Team Leaderboard, based on . The "ScoreBattleTeam" leaderboard is created for this, using the "BattleTeamScore" running total. We're using a different score "teamResult" because we are still in the process of deciding what metric we will use to compare teams by. It is currently used by the running total (type "Battle Team") as a Sum. We wish to partition this leaderboard by the "partitioningKey" from the event. 

How do we partition this? Do we phrase the LeaderboardShortCode in the same way as a normal leaderboard, example: ScoreBattleTeam.partitioningKey.<our value>?

I realize 'partitioningKey' wasn't the best name but it currently serves our purposes.



Hi Liam,

Do you have any news on our options?

Regards, Tim

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