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Ctrl+F and Scroll Bar persist inbetween Code Tabs. Makes working across tabs annoying.

Tried out the new gamesparks frontend today.

Whenever I write code and scroll up or down in the tab, all the other tabs (in the background) scroll as well, which makes working in different places in your code very unpleasant. The old version could simply keep their value for each tab, as it should be.

Also, it turns out that searching with CTRL+F will persist between tabs, which it didn't in the old version. That is not quite as inconvenient, but it would be much nicer if a tab would remember your search, instead of carrying it over. Or at least let us toggle this feature on or off.

Thanks for the report Michele

We're working on this fix for this, we'll have it out today.

I'll update this post when it's done.


Fantastic! Thx so much.

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