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New platform sugestions


I really like new version of GameSparks platform, but I have some sugestions:

-In NoSQL expleror I think I would prefer to see "null" rather than just nothing - when I click edit document it display null but in default view there is only an empty space.

-Please change the color in cloud code editor when user makes ctrl-f or double click on some text (selection color) - it's completly unreadable in both current and older version of GS. Some more contrasts here would be nice.

-That's just my opininon but right bottom corner would be a better place for Save button rather than Delete

- Could you add option to separately select theme for portal and cloud code? Because I like dark portal theme, but i would prefer white cloud code editor.

Apart from that everything looks really great. Good job.

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Two more things: it would be also nice to have possibility to create subfolders in cloud code section and edit events from there (change name, add new parameters).

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