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.NET Integration

Hello dear friends at GameSparks.

I have a project right now and I would like to create a Launcher for my game that will be written in .NET (C# or VB).

There is a way, right now, to access the plataform using one of this languages?

Thanks in advance!

Extending my question: If I choose the Javascript SDK, can I make my game launcher in a "desktop" app made in Javascript+HTML5, using a boilerplate like Electron?

Basically, I just want my user to see some stats from the GameSparks server (like online status, number of online players, etc) in the launcher, before the start of the game (the actual game engine, in my case, Unreal).

I see this in a lot of games that uses Launchers, so I imagine how could this be implemented using the GameSparks service.

Thanks in advance!

Check out
This is how I did it for my plattform where SDK wasn't available, in theory you also could use web-sockets and access the non-REST API.

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