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strange message in realtime log


I have a few questions:

1. What the strange message, in the realtime.log :


 "_id": {

  "$oid": "5888ca959650b504bc031f1f"


 "server": "gsp-aeu-rt03",

 "rtSessionId": "5888c78023791d04ca0b3d59",

 "port": 5150,

 "level": "FATAL",

 "line": 289,

 "source": "NewMatch.js",

 "message": "Callback",

 "connectedPlayers": {

  "1": {

   "tcp": "/",

   "udp": "/",

   "playerId": "5888b6c70a162ad63e84ad7d"





This message apears suddenly, and repeats many times.

And in this monent there are no clients connected.


2. How properly send message for specific peer in realtime API. In documentation mentioned that argument is array of integers

 "signature setTargetPeers(Integer[] peerIds)"


In "Clock Synchronisation and Network Programming" tutorial setTargetPeers was called without arguments:




Hey Alexey,

The RTscript is cached when a new match starts, so if there were any errors or problem in the code when the match starts it will cause a fatal error to be printed to the log.
The main thing to check would be any loops you have in the code as that is usually what causes these repeating fatal errors if there is a problem within the loop.

The setTargetPeers() function takes either an int or and array or ints.
So if you want to send to a single player you can use an int rather than an array with a single int.
If you want to send to many players then use an array.
To send to all, just leave that function out completely.



Hi Sean!

Thanks for prompt answer.

Does it mean that after all Players disconnected I need to call RTSession.clearInterval() and RTSession.clearTimeout() for all active intervals in the script?  

Not usually.
Once all players disconnect the script will stop executing.
If there are errors however, it could cause them to keep running for a while longer though.



Why in mentioned error does so simple message " "message": "Callback",". Usually, if a have any error in my code, I have more informative message. 

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