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How to kill a runaway script?


I've just accidentally created an RT script with an infinite loop.

Is there a way to kill it?

Same question for a regular script, too (though that hadn't happened yet).

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Hi Christian bontas, 

You can use Spark.Exit to terminate scripts. 

Does this answer your question? 

Best Regards, Patrick. 


No, that's not what I meant.

In an RT script, I've had a bug that created an infinite loop.

For a while after, the script kept running, spewing thousands of errors in realtime.log, like this:

{ "_id": { "$oid": "58824e9f23791d04bdffb5b0" }, "server": "gsp-aeu-rt03", "rtSessionId": "58824d3008987a04b7e40470", "port": 5150, "level": "FATAL", "line": 301, "source": "pvpSetup.js", "message": "Callback", "connectedPlayers": {} }

When such a thing happens, is there a way to manually stop the runaway script instance?

Hi Cristian,

We're looking into this for you. We'll get back to you with an update soon.




Any news on this?

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