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Linux/UE4 support

Id like to run dedicated servers on linux machines. (and make the Game as os independant as possible).

Currently the gamesparks Plugin does not support building for linux in UE4.

I just want to add, no matter how you turn it it wont work with normal configurations and requires tricks atleast or maybe some heavy modifications.


Heres a line of packaging log: from the editor:



Note the "This target platform is not configured for GameSparks SDK: Linux".


I wonder how much work it would be to run on linux. (since its working on mac already!?)

Hi Keli,

Thanks for logging this feature request with us. We'll pass this on to our SDK team for review.



you have sent me a mail where you said gs does not support dedicated serves.

this request has nothing todo with whatever you misunderstood there.

its just about gamesparks plugin building with ue4 for linux as target machine (from windows)

Any updates to this? It still does not compile with clang. We want our UE4 servers to be Linux, much less expensive to host that way.

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