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2-step veryfication - GS dashboard

is it possible to make login into GS dashboard more secured? Like 2-step verification: 1st with password, 2nd for example with google authenticator key? 


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Hi Marcin,

What methods would you be considering for 2-step verification? Do you've any providers or APIs in mind for verification? If you could provide further information on how you wish to set this up we may be able to help further.

Kind regards,

 - Steve

thank you for quick answer.
That would be great if login into dashboard would look like:
1. Write Login and Password
2. Write Google Authenticator token
Second step can be easily done by using js tools like: heres example of use: It works like: on first login you can scan qr code by your phone and Google Authenticator, thank on every next login you need to read token from Google Authenticator app and write it into 2nd step of authentication.
That kind of 2-step verification makes dashboard(and db access) more secured, than just by simple/single password


Btw even wordpress has plugin for using Google Authenticator:


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I would also like to see two-factor authentication of some kind for dashboard. A password alone doesn't seem like enough security these days, especially for an account which might grant access to an entire project like this.


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I agree -- I use "Authy" and others use "Google Authenticator" (cross-support). Almost every app out there uses these standards. Even cheapo sites have it (seems like a friendly SDK). Highly recommended!

Please add this feature!

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Hi there -- 5 month follow up :) I'd love to protect my portal/dashboard with a 2FA standard like Authy or Google Authenticator ;D it's pretty standard these days for anything containing sensitive info. Just in case!


I'm interested in this as well. I hope you can find time to add this, would make me feel much more comfortable with security.

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This is still needed. It is way to easy for people to just run a program to try usernames/passwords on this site. Just the standard login for Google+Microsoft authentication would be a massive step forward

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My guess/hope is that GameSparks will be embedded into the AWS dashboard soon, and so auth will be protected in the same way.

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I agree. It is time for 2-factor authentication. The implications of someone getting access to one of our games on the GameSparks level are severe.

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