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Unreal Engine Connecting to GameSparks using hmac


I've implemented the webserver using node.js after following the following guide:

Now I'm trying to connect to GameSparks from unreal engine by passing the result from the webserver to the secret field in the connect blueprint, but I'm not receiving a fail from OnGameSparksAvailableDelegate, athough I get VALIDATION FAILURE in the logs.

What I know is that to connect to GS, a request is sent from unreal to GS, then receives a response containing a nonce. Then the result of the hmac  of the nonce + secret is sent to GS for validation.

Can someone please guide me on the steps to make in unreal (using blueprint) to connect to GS using the result from the webserver?

Thanks in advance!

anyone please?

I need to finish it this week.

Hey Elie, 

Can you show me an example of what is being returned by the webserver?



I have the same issue using libGDX.

with Android SDK is totally fine.

but with JavaSDK make a problem below.

{"platform":"Service API Tests","hmac":null,"@class":".AuthenticatedConnectRequest"}

websocket: text: {"@class":".AuthenticatedConnectResponse","error":"VALIDATION FAILURE","requestId":"0"}

It looks like I should make a value for hmac to return. 

Any solution for this??

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