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Real Time WebGL support

I would love to see WebGL support for Real Time service, I started using it but when I realized it doesn't work I had to use something else (Photon). 

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Hi Hjupter,

I know you did request this before in a ticket but there has been no update on this I'm afraid. We can raise this with the dev team for you again though.



A must have for web games.

Thank Liam

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Any updates from the dev team whether this is currently being implemented?

Hi Guys,

Happy to announce that Unity WebGL builds now support Real Time. You can download the latest SDK from here. If you have any questions just let us know.



I actually found out a day ago when the GS Unity plugin asked me to update ;)... I was looking at the release notes in the SDK page but looks like it is still not updated.

Thats good news Liam, thanks!

We took the multiplayer tutorial and it is running with desktop (EXE) example with Tank's Atari (real time multiplayer tutorial) .

But and we are trying to compile and gernerate with WEBGL the game stop (UNity stop) every time in "Building Native Library with IL2CPP"

We are making this test to export our real products (games) and we are thinking if is impossible to compile and export because we always have this problem.

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