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Option to use a relational database

Long story short, GameSparks looks wonderful but I want to represent a lot of highly relational data in my game and I'm finding doing so through the existing NoSQL Metadata view to be immensely cumbersome.

I know that you can't just slap on a relational database option.  It's a core, foundational change that can't be implemented quickly but I would love to see the ability to use a relational database.

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I'm finding the manual insertion of data into the Database to be pretty cumbersome tbh.  Additionally seeing the data as just a blob of JSON after the fact makes doing things like, conceptually, adding a new "column" very difficult.  I know it does not have columns, but I'm coming from relational land.

Long story short, I'm trying to create a loot system similar to Diablo.

So imagine you'd have a rare sword: but that sword is dropped at a certain level, and it can have a number of properties such as elemental damage, or a plethora of buffs / stat boosts, or unique abilities, etc.  i can go into more detail if you like.  I've written sample code to generate them locally (ie, without using gamesparks) and it works, but I cannot trust the client to generate these.  I need to generate them on the server, have the server act as the authority, and award them to players.

These items need to cross references a ton of different tables and forumulas and that's just way easier to do in a realtional database.

Further, I'm finding the virtual goods system in Game Sparks to inadequate for my needs as well.  I need items to be generated randomly, they are not fixed and static currencies.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your input. As you say it would be a huge change to the core of the platform. May I ask what it is you are finding cumbersome at the moment exactly ? We are more than happy to help make your use of GameSparks as easy as possible.



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