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Safari and Content Security Policy (CSP)


Our app runs as Facebook canvas app. We tested it and on Safari we have issue with CSP that forbids web sockets to Gamesparks servers. We investigated the issue and found that CSP is used only if it is configured in html header, since we did not configure it, it must be configured by Facebook. We try all possible meta combinations to grant through CSP web sockets connections to Game Sparks server but no luck. 

Do you know about this? Is there a workaround or solution?

Best Regards,


Hi milutin,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Could you tell me which SDK you are using and what version it is ? 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

Hi Patrick,

We use Javascript SDK and we downloaded it in spring 2016 but on GameSparks website I can see by file name that it is not updated since end of 2015, probably we have that one.

Should I open a ticket so I can trace solution of this issue, how should I proceed since we would like to resolve this issue asap.

Anyway, it works in Chrome and Firefox on Mac, but not from Safari. 

Best Regards,


Hi Saha, 

Could you open a ticket and provide the details above. that way we can better investigate and keep track of the issue. 

Best regards, Patrick. 

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