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Simple UE4 demo

Here is a simple demo of a multiplayer third-person.

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for posting this. Would you care to share some more details of how you achieved this for the benefit of other users ?



I will try to explain a little!!

1.Login and start session I took from example of the Unreal SDK teris Game. With minor changes.

2.From the getting-started unreal-cloud-code also used the method to download and save the coordinates. Added save and load rotation.

3.I created blueprints actor character for local and network players.

4. After obtaining information about all the participants of the match, I spawn in my scene Network Character in obtained GameSparks server positions.

5.In blueprint local character, I call SendFloat event of GameMode. Transfer parameter Scale intercepted by player controller in local char.



6.  In the Game mode 


7. The data obtained from the other players are handled at the image above and transferred to Network Character.

8. Network player movement.


Like that )))

If I have enough time to complete a full demo be sure to publish it here.

Hi Alex, 

This is great!

I am trying to replicate your results however I have come into a problem.

My network player just floats in the air and never moves, I have tested all the inputs and everything is going through correct (have put print screens to see values etc), however it just does not move.

Is there a specific option in the network player I am missing or something?


Yes, there are some non-standard settings.


I hope this helps, I had a problem, but do not remember exactly.

Not to worry, I did not have "Run physics with no control" turned on, this fixed it :)

I have an extra layer on top of this that confirms the location of each player so that it wont be out for to long if it goes out of sync.

However if physics ever comes into it it break it, do you know of a way to replicate the same physics on each client?

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