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Multiplayer Game Unity

 Hi Gamespark,

I am developing a game with planning a multiplayer game. So far my game is about to finish. and now i want to developing the multiplayer trading system for two player.

But i don't get it how it work. It is blank. I need a support to help me finish the game. I hope could learning much from here.

Here what i want to do :

(Player can join match if Level Between 0 - 100)

1. Player 1 Online and have open a shop (this we call a seller). This player 1 open a shop it will make player 1 available for being invite my Player 2 (this we call a buyer). Player 2 is online too but is not available for being invited because Player 2 not open the shop.

2. Player 1 then wait an invite from Player 2 to move to trading scene.

3. Player 2 see Player 1 is online and available for invite. Then Player 2 Klik Player 1 and invite Player 1.

4. Player 1 Then See notification Being Invited By Other Player (player 2). Player 1 then click Accept and go to the trading scene.

5. Player 1 and Player 2 Go to this trading scene below.


6. Player 1 and Player 2 can have chat inside the scene. After Trading done, then it is dismiss. Player 1 back to Available for invite.

How it work in multiplayer gamespark unity ? it is possible to do it ?

Do i need a networking system script from unity for gamespark multiplayer can work or I just need a gamespark multiplayer and i can do all this ?


Do i need a third party networking system for unity so the gamespark multiplayer can work ?

What about when they have chat in trading scene two player could see each chat in the room ? and what about the minus the good player in the transaction ?

Hope this clear the detail what i want to do.

Thank Very Much


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Hi Dennis,

We have picked this up in your ticket and will continue to answer there.



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