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Twitter Profile Pic for Leaderboards

Hello currently I am using GameSparks for everything back-end.

At the moment I have a player leader-board for the players stats,etc.

The players can sign in with either twitter or facebook. May add others later.

I seen the tut on how to add a Facebook picture to a leader-board in one of your tutorials.

However I don't seen anything with getting a twitter profile. Is there a url request I can make with the twitter users id? I want it to be under entry.... etc.

Which Facebook tutorial are you refering to Chad?


This is the link

Unity Tutorial – Leaderboards – Part 6: Getting profile pictures for Leaderboard Entries


Is there a way to do that just like adding facebook pics. Currently I am just adding a new cloud event code to grab the profile url and saving it. Then grabbing the url string for leaderboard but id rather limit stress on the backend for this.

bump please help!


Hi sorry, I thought I replied.

Shane used 


var www = new WWW("" + facebookID + "/picture?type=square");


To get the Pic. Perhapse there's a similar way to getting the Twitter profile pic? Some rest API?

This isn't something that GameSparks does out of the box, you'll have to search around Unity forums for a method.



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